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We create the perfect blend of tradition and innovation in our beers as we infuse new British hop varieties into classic beer styles, creating a tantalisingly modern flavour palette. Join us on a hop filled journey as you explore our beers….

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Explore our
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Pale bottle by the Hop shed Suckley

Hop Shed Pale 4.0%

Easy Drinking, Tropical, Fresh

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Sebright beer bottle

Sebright Golden Ale 3.8%

Fruity, Refreshing, Crisp

BBI 2023 Silver
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Pekin bottled beer

Pekin Pale Ale 4.0%

Tropical, Hoppy, Fresh

BBI 2021 Silver
Great teate 2020 for Hop Shed
IBC award 2021 Bronze
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Frizzle IPA bottled beer

Frizzle IPA 4.5% / 5.0%

Citrus, Hoppy, Bitter finish

BBI 2023 Silver
Great taste 2019 for hop shed
Silver award
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Phoenix bottled beer

Phoenix Porter 5.2%

Malty, Molasses, Smooth

Great taste 2021 for Hop Shed
Phonix Gold Award
Phoenix National Silver Award
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Leghorn beer bottle at the Hop Shed Suckley

Leghorn Blonde 4.8%

Zesty, Full flavoured, Bitter Finish

2022 Great taste award for Hop Shed
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Redcap beer bottle at the Hop Shed Suckley

Redcap Ruby Ale 4.2%

Biscuit, Toffee, Dried Fruit

2022 Great taste award for Hop Shed
Phoenix National Silver Award
BBI 2022 Diploma
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Brakel beer bottle at the Hop Shed Suckley

Brakel Pilsner Lager 4.6%

Crisp, Dry, Spice

BBI 2022 Diploma
Bronze award SIBA
Bronze award IBC
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Buckeye Pump Clip

Buckeye Best Bitter 4.3%

Chestnut, Roasted Malt, Fruity

Draught only

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