Based on the Worcestershire / Herefordshire Border

The Brewery on a hop Farm

Brewing where the hops are grown

The Brewery on a Hop Farm

The Hop Shed is an award winning brewery based on a hop farm in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside. We set up the brewery in a converted chicken shed here on the farm. This inspired the name of our brand and beers, which are all named after breeds of chickens. 

The Brewery on a Hop Farm The Hop Shed
The Hop She Jester Hops at Stocks Farm
The Hop Shed Jester Hops at Stocks Farm

We never import hops

Proud to use 100% British hops

As we are uniquely positioned on a commercial hop farm, we have committed to making all of our beers with 100% local, British hops. The majority of these are grown on our doorstep at Stocks Farm. Having a close relationship with local hop growers has given us the opportunity to brew with new and experimental hop varieties they are growing. The result of one such trial is our Pekin Pale Ale. It is hopped exclusively with an experimental hop variety, which gives delightful tropical fruit flavours. 
There are several other fantastic hop growers in Worcestershire and Herefordshire producing different varieties that we use in our beers, like the Ernest we use from Instone Court, just 4 miles away. We are proud to support British growers and have found that British hops produce an amazing range of flavours and aromas. We never import hops.

Don't just Take our word for it

Producing Award Winning Beer

After we set up the brewery in 2016, we won our first Great Taste Award for our Frizzle IPA in 2017. Then in 2018, we won an award for ‘Best Drink Producer’ in Visit Worcestershire Awards. After that in 2019, Great Taste awarded us a total of 10 stars for 5 of our bottled beers, including the top award of 3 stars for Frizzle IPA. We have also won awards from; The British Bottlers Institute, SIBA Regional & National Awards & The International Beer Challenge.

The Hop Shed Brewery Beer Range Among The Hops

The brains behind the brews

meet the Team

Sarah Saleh

Co-Founder & Brewery Manager

Victoria Wright

Sales Administrator

Patch Collins

Delivery Driver &
Brewery Assistant

Rob White


Alan Nicholls

Sales Representative

Hani Saleh


We are continually reviewing our brewing procedures to attain the most sustainable process possible

Brewing Sustainably

Reducing Mileage​

By brewing where the hops are grown we keep transport emissions, up to the point of distribution, as low as possible. We plan our delivery routes to minimise mileage too.

Minimising waste

To eliminate waste from the brewing process, we give all of our spent grain, hops & yeast to our neighbouring pig farmer for feed.

Saving water

Our brewhouse has been designed to minimise water waste. For example, the hot water produced when cooling the beer is captured and used for cleaning the vessels after the brew. Our cask washing process also reuses rinse water.

Our spent grain and Yeast is used as feed for local pigs

Reduce, reuse & recycle

Aerial Photo Of Suckley Worcestershire
The Hop SHed Hops Growing on Stocks Farm

Supporting Our Community

Keeping it Local

Local Provenance, great flavours & sustainability are at the heart of every brew. As a result we source our ingredients as locally as possible. This also helps to reduce food miles and provide economic support for our local community.
Our Hops are sourced mainly from the award winning Hop Farm on which we are situated. Stocks Farm is the third largest hop farm in the country. We source any other hops from within 15 miles of the brewery. Additionally, our malt is British and sourced from Norfolk and we use Nottingham ale yeast for fermentation. We are also Happerley Transparent, allowing customers to track our supply chain and see how we source our ingredients responsibly.

We are a SIBA Assured brewer

Safety, Quality & Transparency

We carefully select our suppliers and maintain close relationships with them. This ensures that everything we put into our beer is of the highest quality. We are members of SIBA and also hold a SALSA plus Beer Accreditation. This means that the Brewery goes through rigorous testing on a yearly basis. This testing ensures that Food Safety and Quality Standards are being met.
In addition to this, we have our own very strict cleaning schedules, quality controls and record keeping in place. We keep everything at the highest standard and we only use bottlers who are also SALSA accredited. By doing this we ensure that the high standards are continued when the beer leaves us for packaging.

The Hop She Brew House 2021